Insect Queen

My name is Hanari and I am a cosplayer. I am currently in the Homestuck, OFF, Wreck it Ralph, SPG, Pokemon, Keroro Gunso, Free!, Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa, KLK, and WTNV fandoms. I also draw sometimes.

Here’s my Michael to Merker animated Poke-sprite.

Yes Michael, you got your sassy purple cowboy shirt.

Although I didn’t necessarily know what a sassy cowboy shirt was and am hoping that a sassy purple collared shirt will be a good substitute since they’re practically the same thing?

the Merker sprite was hella hard. Had to pull from seven trainers and two pokemon. If you can guess which pokemon I used, i’ll make you a sprite too!

Edit: added the spriting process at the bottom!

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