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My name is Hanari and I am a cosplayer. I am currently in the Homestuck, OFF, Wreck it Ralph, SPG, Pokemon, Keroro Gunso, Free!, Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa, KLK, and WTNV fandoms. I also draw sometimes.

sspsdd inquired:
miss pauling

We’re both incredibly resourceful

We both really like guns

We both have questionable buried pasts that nobody will ever know about

We’re both hella cute ;3



Warner Bros. Catapults DC Ahead of Marvel in Superhero Diversity Race

Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman,” Ray Fisher’s “Cyborg”, Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman” and Ezra Miller’s “Flash” mark milestones for the genre

While all eyes have looked to Marvel to produce a female-led superhero film, Warner Bros. and DC Comics catapulted ahead in the race on Wednesday with the announcement of a solo “Wonder Woman” film, starring Gal Gadot. The film is set to release in 2017.

Additionally, Warner Bros announced “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa, will be released in 2018 and gave the greenlight to a solo “Cyborg” film, to be released in 2020, starring African-American actor Ray Fisher.

DC also made history by casting out LGBT actor Ezra Miller to play superspeedster “The Flash,” getting his own solo film in 2018. Miller, who confirmed to Out Magazine that he was “queer” in 2012, becomes the first openly gay actor to lead a major superhero comic book adaptation on the big screen.

Why does this have less notes that that stupid Marvel/DC “on your left” gif?


let’s do the thing where you send me a character and I name a trait we both share.

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  • The Breakfast Club
  • Nightmare before Christmas (Its been long overdue)
  • I’m gonna give Once Upon A Time a shot.

Wish me luck


El Tigre + OP

Miracle City: A spicy cesspool of crime and villainy. This is the story of Manny Rivera, better known as El Tigre! Son of the legendary hero, White Pantera! Grandson of the evil super villain, Puma Loco! 





Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher


More: | Angels | Random |

I keep telling people that angels aren’t cute, fluffy beings, but are really scary as hell.

Maybe they’ll believe me now…


This is ancient evil

I just realized

I don’t have to bust out a cosplay for Halloween

My work clothes are literally a chefs uniform

I can just be a bloody chef and put like 0 effort into it and still look good

Mission accomplished




In case you were wondering, the identity of lovac confessions is [radio static].

I’m glad I could finally get that off my chest.

dont even pull that shit. i know who you really are.

your obviously [dolphin noise]

Well if you are going to play it like that, I would like EVERYBODY to know that the person behind official-lovac-ships is [car horns honking]

Children please


Pansexual and asexual are literally the easiest sexual orientations to understand this is unbelievable 

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Also I am home from work.

How have you guys been doing? Talk to me about stuff I’m not doing anything interesting.

In case you guys weren’t convinced that I am actually Miss Pauling

Here is a stack of all of my gun catalogues from April.

If I had any friends we would look through them together.


  • How they would react upon accidentally walking into a glass door
  • Their reaction to having their name spelt wrong on a Starbucks drink
  • What kind of vines they would make
  • Their reaction to your favourite character
  • How they would play The Sims
  • What their finishing move would be

ice-head inquired:
Hi there. If you happen to have time to answer these off appreciate but you don't have to!! i was wondering where you got your prosthetic arms for your opal cosplay? Are they completely posable? Also how did you fasten them to your back?? Your COSPLAY is AMAZING. My friends are doing a SU group in February and I decided on sugulite and I was curious on how your arms worked.

I’ll say right now, the arms were (admittedly) a test run, but a working test run.

I’ve been getting a lot of asks about the arms so I’m going to do what I’ve been doing for all of them and direct you here to my tutorial

Some things you should know about how I did it though:

  • The harness ended up sagging a lot more than I had expected it to, so if you’re going to follow this tutorial I would suggest investing in a stronger, non-elastic harness. I’m going to make one for myself once I start reworking her.
  • The mannequin arms I got are literally just mannequin arms I got off of Ebay that I painted. I can’t link you to them because they were the only ones the seller had and they came with a torso.

Good luck with Sugilite!